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DEQ website help

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with this web site, please send us a message.

For the best viewing experience, we recommend:

  1. Using the latest version of one of the following web browsers:
  2. Enabling Javascript in your web browser
  3. Installing the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player (needed for some visual content)
  4. Installing the latest version of the Adobe Reader (needed for PDF documents)
  5. Using a screen resolution of at least 1024x768
  6. Using as many screen colors as possible (24 or 32-bit color)


DEQ is committed to providing an accessible experience to all website visitors. We are in the middle of a website review and upgrade process that will provide an improved browsing experience for persons with disabilities, including:

  • Improving screen reader and text-only browser compatibility
  • Improving page navigation with access keys and content anchors
  • Providing an accessible equivalent for all graphical and multimedia content

DEQ can provide assistance with any of our website content. Please contact us using any of the following methods to request assistance:

  • Via our web contact form
  • Via email, to DEQ's webmaster
  • By telephone, at (804) 698-4000, or toll-free in Virginia at (800) 592-5482
  • Using a TDD at (804) 698-4021

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