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Partner Resources
Links of interest for professional development and networking for environmental educators:

Professional development:
Recommended resources:
  • Get the Facts about Virginia's Environment
    Fact sheets from the Department of Environmental Quality on various environmental topics.
  • Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)
    Some of Virginia's waters that have impaired water quality require a cleanup plan under federal regulations. The Department of Environmental Quality first develops reports that describe the amount of pollution waters can contain and still have high water quality. This pollution amount is a total maximum daily load, called a TMDL. DEQ then develops an cleanup plan for the impaired waters to restore and maintain their water quality. Click here to view the calendar of public notices and public meetings and find out how you can participate.
  • Virginia Outdoors Plan
    The Virginia Outdoors Plan is the Commonwealth's official conservation, outdoor recreation, and open space plan, and serves as a guide to all levels of government and the private sector in meeting the land conservation, outdoor recreation, and open space needs of the state. The plan serves as a guidance document for the protection of lands through actions of the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation (VLCF). The Virginia Outdoors Plan is posted at . Comments may be e-mailed to or via US mail to John Davy at Department of Conservation and Recreation, 203 Governor Street, Suite 326 , Richmond , VA 23219.
Other items of interest:
  • Read the definition of a Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE)
  • Environmental Literacy & Environmental Education Defined
    (mouse-over "Education & Environmental Literacy" to view all four sections)
    The Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP) has developed these understandable and explainable descriptions of "Environmental Literacy" and "Environmental Education" to make it easier for the field to explain and how these terms are directly connected with people’s lives. Included with the descriptions are examples of what environmental literacy looks like, how EE and educational achievement are linked, EE "done right," and links to additional resources.
    Comments or suggestions? Contact:
  • My Environmental Education Evaluation Resource Assistant (MEERA)
    A web-based tool for planning and learning about environmental education (EE) evaluation(s). 
  • Environmental Murals
    This project is a way to conduct environmental education (EE) using art and free expression to teach environmental concepts. It can be a good teambuilding and community involvement exercise. Click here for details and suggestions.
  • New Online Course in Volunteer Management
    The University of North Texas offers continuing education online course in volunteer management entitled Are You REALLY Ready for Volunteers?  Both first-time volunteer managers and seasoned professionals can benefit by learning what nonprofits need to know when incorporating or revising a volunteer program.  Topics include strategic programmatic considerations, best practices, and program assessment techniques. 





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