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Learn about Virginia's environment

The following resources are for educators to teach and learn about Virginia's environment. 

Windows into a Green Virginia
This curriculum addresses Virginia’s Science SOLs with emphasis on 6.9 – Resources, and includes cross references to other Mathematics and Social Studies SOLs. Students are invited to peer through meta­phorical “Windows on the World” to examine key dimensions of developing sustainable communities. Topics include Energy, Water, Air, Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife, Land Use and Natural Hazards, and Green Building. The culminating activity will help students examine real problems, weigh facts, and present views on current issues.

Virginia's Natural Resource Guide
Information, activities and resources.for elementary teachers

Shades of Green: Lessons for sustainability
Supplemental curricula for teachers and educators based on the Standards of Learning

Field Investigation
Curriculum provided by the Hanover Caroline Soil & Water Conservation District for meaningful watershed environmental education experiences for middle school students

Environmental History

DEQ Fact Sheets

Case Studies
Students can read each case study and answer critical thinking questions.

Environmental Professionals in your Community
Students will find out who the environmental professionals are in their community, what agency they are with and what they are responsible for doing.

Aquatic Stewardship
By heading up programs, projects or experiences that teach about and inspire emotional connections to water, you can help create a citizenry that is genuinely interested and involved in the conservation of this vital natural resource. So dive in! Join other educators across the Commonwealth who are teaching people about our water resources.

Environmental Education Resources
This list includes a variety of teacher training programs that are state and privately sponsored, and generally are free to educators, as well as curriculum supplements for the classroom.

Protecting Brookie's Home
Five SOL-aligned lessons that use Brook Trout, the Virginia state fish, to help students learn about air and water quality, watersheds, and conservation.


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